tap Beer

Hawkers, Pilsner.

Not the usual watered down industrial lager, this pilsner is crisp, clean and refreshing. 

(Resevoir, VIC) 5.0%


 Balter, XPA.

Australian style pale ale. Tropical, fruity and extremely smashable, the best Currumbin has to offer.

(Currumbin, QLD) 5.0%


Two Birds, Maltergeist.

An Oktoberfest special. This marzen style malt lager is biscuity and delicious.  

(Spotswood, VIC) 5.0%


Balter, Alt Brown.

A nutty, roasty American brown ale with smooth malt and clean, subtle hop notes.

(Currumbin, QLD) 5.2%


bottles and cans

Coopers Light (375ml) 2.9%

Melbourne Bitter (375ml) 4.6%

Sample Lager (330ml) 4.6%

Colonial Brewing Co., Kolsch (375ml) 4.7%

Weihenstephaner, Weissbier (500ml) 5.4%

Barrow Boys, Good Times Ale (330ml) 3.8%

Mountain Goat, Summer Ale (375ml) 4.7%

KAIJU!, Crush Tropical Pale (375ml) 4.7%

Two Birds, Passion Victim (330ml) 5.0%

Mornington Peninsula Brewery, Pale Ale (330ml) 4.7%

Bad Shepherd, Raspberry Wheat Ale (330ml) 4.6%

Fixation, IPA (330ml) 6.4%

Fox Hat, Red Pelt India Red Ale (375ml) 7.8%

Feral, Smoked Porter (330ml) 4.7%

Bad Shepherd, Baltic Porter (330ml) 8.1%

Bad Shepherd, Oatmeal Stout (330ml) 5.5%

Napoleone, Pear Cider (330ml) 4.9%

Kelly Brothers, Apple Cider (330ml) 7%

Matso’s Ginger Beer (330ml) 3.5%

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